What is domain and hosting? Difference between domain and hosting


You’ll need three things to own a website: a domain name, web hosting, and a fully developed website. But, what is a domain name? What is a web hosting service? Are they the same thing? Before you start building and hosting your own website, it’s needed that you understand their difference.

When we are giving someone or a newcomer’s clients suggestions that you need to buy a website name and hosting at this time, we are getting questions from our new clients or some of the customers to explain what is domain hosting? what is the difference between a domain name and hosting?

Many beginners actually don’t know about that, and they are not conscious these are two separate things. For newcomers, a domain and hosting may appear to be extremely similar. However, these are two very different items. To get your website online and operating, you’ll need both a domain and hosting. In this article, we shall define domain and hosting, as well as the differences between them.


Difference between domain and hosting

Your website’s address is known as a domain. A domain is required before you can create a website. You need to register it with a domain registrar company. It is not something you can hold in your hand or see. It’s a series number of characters that identify or located your website.

Google.com and allcmsexpert.com are two examples of domain names.

what is domain and hosting?
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Every domain has an IP address. When you type a company’s URL or domain name into the browser, the DNS Server is queried, and the IP address of the website is acquired. And then your browser will navigate to the selected website using the IP address. An IP address is a number of series and this is difficult to remember, that’s why a unique name is defined following the IP address.

Your website’s IP address is similar to your phone number list. Instead of a personal name on your phone’s agenda, it’s designated by the domain name.


what is hosting
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On the other hand, hosting is the service provided by a hosting company. Web hosting is a place where your website all the files will be available for the show online. It’s the storage to serve your website content as per the browser request.

When someone enters your domain name in the browser URL, the domain name is converted into an IP address and the web server will be provided the content that matches with the IP address which IP are addressing your domain. The server is hosted on a web hosting company and server is the part of website hosting.


How domain and hosting are related?

The domain is the name of a website, and hosting is storage. They are totally two different services. However, both work together to make a possible and visible website.

Without the domain names, it will not be possible for the public to find or locate your website and without hosting, you cannot store your website and you can not build a website. So these are related and very important for each other.

What is required to build a website? domain name or hosting?

Well, You need both to create your website live. You can create your website on localhost but you can not make it live without hosting. When you go to make it live this time you need a domain name to navigate the website data and communicate with the hosting server.

That means hosting is used to store the website files, and you need to put your website data and files in a hosting and connect the domain with your hosting server.

Can I buy them from the same company or different?

The domain name and web hosting are related, that’s why you can get them from one company. But if you want to purchase them from two different companies that are possible and no problem.

Suppose domain name is cheaper in a company and on the other company cheaper hosting. Also, you are looking for a website with cheap rates, then you can do this to save your money. However, in that case, you need to update your domain setting.

On the other side, if you bought them from the same company then you’ve no need to do anything changes, and they will do the basic tasks of your domain & hosting setting.

Also, you can change your hosting company anytime after purchase also. Even you can transfer your domain into a new company. So, no worry about this.



The Domain and hosting work together but they are not the same things and they are totally different. They are totally dependent on each other. A website can not be public without a domain name. A domain name is the identity of your website. Hosting is recording and storing your website all files. So, if you want to make your website live then you should have both combinations.

We hope this article helps you to understand domain and hosting and what is the needs for the domain name and web hosting.

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